Seven Year Switch

You either loved it…. or you hated it?

And…..I loved it!

But not because I enjoy watching couples air out their dirty laundry.

These type of shows appeal to my psychology interest, because of the human behaviour traits that I’m so fascinated with.

I’ve spent loads of time reading and researching the way we interact and it still astounds me today that some of us just don’t get it.

“Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself”! 

It’s simple hey, but who actually does it?  Not many I’m guessing by the way these shows keep popping up on the idiot box.

When you look at this show in particular.   There were so many common traits that couples are experiencing themselves behind closed doors.

Firstly, we don’t stop to actual hear what the other person is saying.  We are too busy thinking about what we want to say.

And because of this, we are missing out on vital clues about how our partner is feeling or thinking about a certain issue or situation.  

The other thing that we all crave is to be loved and appreciated.  To be heard and not just seen.

All couples in this show expressed concern over money. 

For one couple is was starting a new business that was draining their cash reserves.  While another was spending on gadgets and toys and not putting money towards their wedding.  Not making that serious commitment of moving forward in their relationship.  And for the other couple, it was not having any input into the family budget.

Common denominators but the underlying issue – lack of communication!

I’m going to be known as Karen’s counselling service soon ha,ha   🙂 

Because the last 3 clients I saw were seeing marriage counselors and during our financial sessions were bringing these issues to the table.  

I no longer see clients face to face.  As I felt that I could have a better impact by providing online tools and resources in the way of financial education courses.  This courses serve people who don’t want to or feel embarrassed to share their financial challenges with a financial expert.

When listening to these couples – they still loved each other.  Angry and frustrated and didn’t really want to split up.

They were just bad at communicating and sharing what’s happening with their money.  Half the time didn’t know the best way to work their finances out. 

Many couples experience this… and are afraid to tell anybody. 

As a business colleague of mine shared recently – meeting with someone like myself and discussing how possibly bad in their mind their money management skills are – was like going to the Doctors and taking their pants down to reveal a massive boil on their butt!

I have an awesome course coming out soon that deals with these very issues and gets couples opening up talking about their money – having their money work better for them.  You can head over the “Courses Pages” to check it out.

In the meantime, grab your free copy of the Workbook “It’s YOUR Life” NOW from the side menu.

To your financial health

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