The Secret to Financial Health.

Some people today are in real financial trouble.  Here in the West of Australia, those who were working some 18 months back in the mining industry were hit really hard and a lot of people lost their jobs.  For the fortunate ones who didn’t loose their jobs, they were offered the opportunity of taking a massive pay cut in some companies until that company got back on their feet financially.   

A lot of the reason some people were hit really hard and still hurting badly today is because they didn’t build up their financial reserves in case of a situation like this.  The financial experts had predicted the bust of the mining boom for some time before it actually occurred, however some people kept spending and carrying on like it wasn’t going to happen to them. 

This is where if they had applied the secret to financial health that I have shared in this episode, they could’ve experienced less financial heartache and pain.

So what is the secret to financial health… and… does such a thing like financial health actually exist?

Yes it does!

So……listen up to see if you have one, if not more, of the seven traits I share in The Secrets to Financial Health! 

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