The 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about Mel Robbins and The 5 Second Rule on my youtube feed, however I know that I was intrigued about some of the stuff Mel was saying and it was making SO much sense at the time. Well I’ve finally finished...

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There’s no such thing as stress

“The truth is that there is no actual stress or anxiety in the world; it’s your thoughts that create these false beliefs.  You can’t package stress, touch it, or see it.  There are only people engaged in stressful thinking” …… by Dr Wayne Dyer. Well if that’s the...

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Are you a duck?

The duck can represent so many different areas of our life. If we look at it in terms of our financial health…. we often appear to others that we are very calm and controlled on the surface but under the water we are kicking like crazy to stay afloat. Debt - any debt,...

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