The duck can represent so many different areas of our life.

If we look at it in terms of our financial health…. we often appear to others that we are very calm and controlled on the surface but under the water we are kicking like crazy to stay afloat.

Debt – any debt, whether it be our home loan, credit cards or money owed to family – is something that tends to creep up on you like the ocean tide, before you know it you are 6ft under water with no sign of a life raft to keep you afloat.

So how do you ensure there is a life raft around when you need one and eventually become less reliant on this support?

Well you do this by building financial muscle.  What do I mean by financial muscle?

Well financial muscle is much like the muscles in our body.  Unless we work on them, they will become lazy, weak and flabby.  How do you keep your body in shape – you exercise.

Building financial muscle is much the same thing.  It’s building on your knowledge and resources so that your money is working hard for you – and not becoming lazy and consumed with bad debt.  Bad debt is like flab on the body – it serves no purpose and is best to be removed.

Financial muscle is about building up your wealth, paying off debt and having a good honest look at what’s going on with your money.  It’s about learning how to make money work for YOU!

There are a few ways to build on financial muscle and one of them is taking a look at your current spending habits.

The process of reducing debt and budgeting go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, the reality of budgeting and taking account of the financial spending habits for most of us, is not always the most exciting thing on our agenda.

Budgeting means having discipline and if discipline doesn’t come easily, then it means the person needs to put themselves on a strict regime where they have to be disciplined or at the very least seek the assistance of specialist financial help.

If you are looking for a little more help in this area then check out the course that was developed with you in mind – Your Money Right Now.

This course will help you gain more discipline and provide financial education on how best to manage your money.

To your financial health 

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Financial Management 101:  teaching you how to build financial muscle!




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