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I saw this a while ago, it’s probably done the rounds on Facebook many times over because it’s a little funny.

But it also made me a little sad and I’m going to share my thoughts on why.

When you think back to the time you were dating and how that special person made you feel all giddy inside.  You possibly had major butterflies and couldn’t wait to see them and hang out with them.

You were out n about having fun socializing, possibly seeing a band, out on Sunday’s to what we like to call at a “Sunday Sess” at your favourite pub, hitting the night club scene, holidays away and/or just hanging out with friends.

Then the moment arrived when your special person proposed and you then started planning a wedding, buying a house and starting having a family.

Somewhere through this process money got a little tighter.

There wasn’t as many “Sunday Sessions” or catching up with friends at a moment’s notice – because of other priorities in your life now.

BUT that didn’t seem to matter too much to you, as it was easier catching up with your friends (now that kids were on board) – at their house for a BBQ.

So here it is, the thing that makes me sad…

More people today are splitting up!  AND it appears not to be because they don’t get on anymore.  It’s because the lack of money within some family’s is causing a lot of added stress.

The stress of not being able to do what they want, when they want, OR buy whatever they like anymore.  Other priorities like bills, monthly credit card payments and the good ole mortgage is just stripping the fun and life out of people.

I so hate seeing really good people split up because of money challenges.

The way I see it, if more couples came together and actually discussed what they really wanted from their life – there would be less of them splitting up.

If they actually sat down and did the thing that they hate most like a “Budget”.  Ooooh yes that is one dirty word in some households.  AND figured out where their money is going and how to make it work for them – instead of against them.  Then we would probably see less stressed out families and more couples staying together.

Getting a divorce these days is an added expense and experience that I feel should be avoided at all cost.

I agree some couples should never have gotten together in the first place and should’ve spent a bit more time working out if the “smallest handcuff” as in the caption above, is going to work for them.  If not, then move on until a more compatible person comes along – where the handcuffs will feel like a second skin!

Something to think about for any newbies looking to take the next step in their relationship!

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